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Dec 6, 2013 7:00pm EST
's proposal for immigration reform. republicans on the budget conference committee consider letting this through. >> we recognize that when employment -- unemployment is at this level that we should help the long-term unemployed. 1.3 million people will have a lump of coal in their stockings if we don't do this. >> the date to watch there is december 28. before that, they meet on december 17 and 18. a growing number of economists surveyed by bloomberg say that policymakers will decide to taper. that number doubled from 17% to 34% after today's strong jobs report. still in the lead, not by much. they are putting the december taper at 50%. >> the. for more of the november jobs numbers we will take a look at our chief economist. welcome back. good to see you again. is this evidence of a sustainable economic recovery in the u.s.? >> how can it not be sustainable? we are almost four years into this. when it comes out these headlines am a and they are saying, well, maybe we will taper in a few months. we want to be sure. the credibility is in question. >> that is why i posed the question.
Dec 7, 2013 8:00am EST
a hundred years old establishment. i think it was an irish immigrant who came here, decided this was a great restaurant, bought it, and then expanded it. so, when you look at your own businesses, do you look and say i want to make sure this stays around for over 100 years? >> no. babbo turns 15 this year. i know mesa turned 22. i think we have already outlived our original plans. we planned on getting in but we did not have an out, nor did we have a finish or dream of a finish. 100 years -- >> seems too far? >> no, i love the idea. but that would be four or five generations of chefs and famiilies. if it was something we could do, i would be very excited. >> are you preparing your business for that possibility? >> my mistake was building 21 one-off restaurants. >> wait, you made a mistake? [laughter] >> i made a whole mess of them, believe me. >> we're going to here about the first one. >> no, no, no. our mistake was, instead of creating something we could sell as a group, like people in this room are doing, we built 21 one- offs, in which case they are not really valuable as an expandable ch
Dec 6, 2013 8:00am EST
we are talking about immigration reform -- all of these things that can expand the economy further. imagine what we could do if we made the commonsense investments in infrastructure. we could move even faster. >> and what jobs would be created on that. you mentioned extending unemployment benefits. could this report and subsequent good reports create an argument that we do not need these kinds of emergency benefits anymore? >> the thing to recognize is better,the economy gets there is a mechanism in place that makes them go away on their own. this is not a benefit that extends indefinitely. improves, the way emergency unemployment works, people are less eligible. at the moment, we have so many people who are long-term unemployed. the average duration of unemployment is something like 36 months. that is unacceptably high. it has a self-correcting mechanism. if we continue to grow at this pace, there will be fewer and fewer people availing themselves of the benefits. that is the genius of this work. it helps people to keep those benefits. by the way, if you take away these benefits a
Dec 9, 2013 10:00am EST
-- situation. for ackman, to be honest, when you see what he says about immigrant laborers and taking advantage of people who do not know enough, he feels the government role is to step in and stop what he sees as an abuse. >> a regulatory short is a dicey way to run your business. you could be waiting forever. you cannot wait on the government. you could get carried out by your investors. even if he is fundamentally right, if you have carl icahn, you might want to get out. >> that is right. it is a binary result. all of this arguing about investors staying -- they are missing the point. it is a binary result. they're going to shut the thing down and say it is a pyramid scheme. or that it is a lucrative activity. >> it is high drama. the soap opera continues. i was great to get your expertise. congratulations. great scoop on herbalife. when we come back, it is a sticky business. trying to sell treats like cinnabon overseas. ♪ >> brands like cinnabon and anti-and are stable in u.s. malls. how difficult is it for them to stand internationally? to sell in countries like libya and russia. joining
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)